Integrated Engineering Audi 2.7T 30V 3.0L Stroker Engine Kit



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Integrated Engineering Audi 2.7T Stroker Kits
IE’s 2.7T 30V 3.0L stroker engine kits will increase your displacement from 2.7L to 3.0L by increasing the bore and stroke of your engine block.  This increased displacement yields more horsepower and torque on the same boost pressure, less chance of detonation due to lower peak cylinder pressures, faster spool, and produces more power on low octane fuel.  Each kit includes high-perfomance matched components tested on our own in-house engine dyno ensuring peak power and reliable performance.

Install requires boring and honing of the cylinder walls performed at a machine shop.  IE billet torque plate highly recommended for exact roundness and clearance tolerances.

Included with kit
Drop-in OEM 3.0L crankshaft
JE 83mm bore forged stroker pistons
Integrated Engineering 154X21 H beam Rods

Included Performance Matched Components
Every included component for Integrated Engineering’s stroker kits have been performance matched to work in harmony and strenuously tested for long term reliability and peak power.

Integrated Engineering Forged H beam Connecting Rods
The H beam rod provides high reliability even in extreme applications. Extra attention has been paid to even the smallest details such as the bearing tangs, wrist pin fit, and big end side clearance, providing a level of fit and finish not found elsewhere. Each and every set is honed in the USA for perfectly round and on size big-end bores, resulting in extremely low failure rates and maximum optimization.

Connecting Rod Features
2 Piece Forgings from 4340 Chrome Moly Steel
Multi Stage Heat Treat for maximum strength
High dimensional stability, and fatigue life.
Multi stage inspected tolerances as tight as .0003
Standard ARP2000 Rod Bolts
Magnaflux Inspected
Dimensionally Inspected
Combination tested to over 800HP+

3.0L Stroker Crankshaft
Our stroker cranks begin with brand new VW/Audi factory forged 3.0 crankshafts, sourced direct from Germany. The crank is matched with JE stroker pistons for increased displacement and stroke increasing over all power and torque, reducing turbo lag, and strengthening the over all rotating assembly.

Crankshaft features
Factory new OEM 3.0L crankshaft
Drop-in for 2.7T blocks, no block modifications needed

JE Forged Stroker Pistons
The included set of forged stroker pistons make for a stout reliable engine for daily driving, road racing, drag racing, or full out competition racing.  Each forging is application specific minimizing weight and ensuring a reliable interaction with the rotating assembly.

JE Piston Features 
Includes JE wire locks, JE piston rings, and standard JE wrist pins
No dish deburring or preperation needed
Individually prepared inspection report of dimensional conformity
Each piston individually serialized for complete traceability
23-point post-production inspection conducted by certified personnel
Tighter tolerances on 14 critical areas of the piston
All critical surfaces machined in dedicated Critical Manufacturing Cell

Optional Stroker Kit Upgrades
To further increase  strength and reliabiltiy, upgrade your stroker kit to meet the demands of your street or race engine with our selection of high quality performance parts.

JE Piston Upgrades
Coatings may take 2-3 weeks as they are non-stock

Tuff Skirt ®
JE Pistons trademarked coating Tuff Skirt is a lubricating, anti-friction / anti-wear coating applied to the piston skirt designed to withstand many different types of endurance racing.

Thermal Barrier Crown
The thermal barrier crown coating is applied to the piston dome and is designed to reflect heat into the combustion chamber.  This increases exhaust gas velocity, greatly improves scavenging potential, and extends piston life by decreasing the rate of thermal transfer.

JE Tool Steel Wrist Pins
JE Tool Steel Wrist Pins are through-hardened high-carbon bearing steel for forced induction or nitrous-fed racing applications and offer high-strength with low ductility.  Employing the latest in technology, each pin is checked to ensure the highest quality and roundness.

Integrated Engineering H Beam Rifle Drilling Upgrade
With the rifle drilling option, oil is forced to the wrist pin by means of a small hole drilled through the rod vertically. This reduces friction on the pin and pin bushing, thus reducing wear.  This is extremely beneficial on street cars that are driven frequently.

Bearing Upgrades
All bearing upgrades include complete kits of rod and main bearings of your choice and OE thrust washers.

OE “basic” bearings
These OE replacement bearings are the inexpensive direct fit choice for re-freshing your bottom end with new bearing hardware.

Calico coated performance bearings
These bearing sets begin as factory new OE bearings.  The base bearing shells feature a professionally applied Calico coating, giving a truly high performance bearing for even the most extreme applications.  This high-quality coating reduces friction and wear, increases rotating assembly performance, improves surface oiling, and increases bearing crush for better bearing shell retention, making them far less likely to spin.

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Make Model Year Generation
Make Model Year Generation
AUDI A6 1998 - 2004 C5
AUDI ALLROAD 2001 - 2004 C5
AUDI S4 1999 - 2001 B5