Mahle PowerPack S54B 87.5MM Bore, 12.3:1 CR, 91.0mm Stroke

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This is a set of extremely high quality Mahle PowerPack pistons for the S54B engine. Mahle Powerpack pistons are extremely high quality pieces which provide improvements in strength over OEM pistons without some of the sacrifices sometimes found in other forged pistons. Mahle Powerpack pistons are precision forged from 2618 alloy, a low expenasion rate aluminum. They all feature forged side reliefs, reducing the weight of the overall package. They also use slipper skirt designs, reducing friction and further reducing weight. Mahle PowerPack pistons feature ultra flat ring grooves, which promote excellent ring seal and most importantly reduce the chances of micro-welding during break in. Every set of Mahle PowerPack pistons comes with their exclusive Grafal skirt coating, which is not only anti-friction but also offers impact absorbing qualities, reducing piston noise and decreasing stresses in the piston skirt.

Mahle PowerPack Pistons are an excellent choice for those looking for increases in strength while maintaining a lightweight piston with oem fit and finish. They have 21mm wrist pins so they will require a set of rods with 21mm pins to match.


87.5mm Bore, 91.0mm stroke.
Use with 139mm Rod
12.3:1 Compression ratio

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