BFI MK3 Stage 0.5 complete mount kit



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These are Poly, 60A in shore hardness. They are softer than both our Stage I poly(85A) and Stage II delrin mounts . Yet are still a huge upgrade over the stock swiss cheese rubber mounts.

We developed these for those wanting an upgrade in both performance and durability over the OEM mounts, yet were still very concerned with daily comfort. For comparison the OEM mounts are around 40-45A hardness. These mounts will provide an almost factory level of comfort on a VR6 while offering both an increase in performance and greatly increased level of durabiltiy.

Upgraded harware is included with all motor mounts. Included in the complete kit is a G60 solid rubber transmission mount. This kit contains everything you will need to replace ALL of the motor mounts in your MKIII/VR6 Corrado.

*FITS ALL MKIII 2.0, VR6, VR6 Corrado

These mounts were removed from a 2.0 with less than 100k on the clock. Notice the mount is noticeably “squished” vs. the stock mount. Over time the weight and movement of the engine can compress the stock mount from 1/4″ (shown) to 1/2″ – or even more in some cases! Damage tends to be worse on higher mileage cars as well as VR6 engines.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in