Denso IK27 High Performance Iridium Spark Plug


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The Denso Iridium spark plugs are the finest spark plugs available today. They are the result of continual research, development, and evolution in the field of spark plug technology and manufacture. They not only use the properties of Iridium to last some 60,000 miles, but they utilize these properties to enable a more powerful spark at LESS voltage, allowing wider spark gaps to be utilized and typically yielding small increases in power. When every horsepower counts, these are the plugs to run!

This is for one UNGAPPED Denso Iridium Plug. Sold individually.

Heat Range Recommendations:

Engine Plug Application
1.8t IK20 Stock
1.8t IK22 Chipped Cars
1.8t IK24 Big Turbo Cars
1.8t IK27 Extreme Big turbo cars- High boost race fuel only!
VR6 IK20 Bolt ons / light nitrous
VR6 IK22 Turbo / Supercharged Cars
VR6 IK24 Extreme Turbo / Supercharged


The U-Groove Design

In 1972, DENSO received a patent for the popular U-Groove ground electrode design. This electrode was developed to meet the demand for improved ignitability, which is necessary for an increase of efficiency in emission gas purification and fuel consumption. The U-Groove gives the flame a groove to grow in, thereby creating a larger flame front for a more complete combustion even in the case of lean air-fuel mixture. A conventional, flat ground electrode design of regular plugs crushes the flame preventing full spark potential.

Ultra Fine Electrode

By harnessing the power of Iridium, DENSO is suddenly able to shrink the surface area of the center electrode – the critical component of a spark plug. Unlike a typical platinum plug that has a 1.1mm diameter center electrode, DENSO Iridium Power plugs have the world’s smallest center electrode measuring 0.4mm in diameter. This means that the voltage requirements are decreased while firing performance is greatly improved.

Tapered Cut

To help improve ignitability DENSO minimized the portion of the ground electrode that comes in contact with the flame nucleus. Because the area of the ground electrode where the tapered cut comes into contact with the flame nucleus is small, the heat lost to the electrode is lessened and firing performance improves dramatically. The surface area and weight of the ground electrode tip is reduced along with the load in terms of heat and vibrations. This means the spark plug can cope with heavier driving conditions.

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