CTS Turbo MK6 EA113/EA888.1 Golf R/GTI FMIC Kit

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Enhance the cooling efficiency of your MK6 EA113/EA888.1 Golf R/GTI with our FMIC Kit, designed for substantial thermal improvements. The key advancements lie in the increased core volume and optimized intercooler placement, effectively mitigating heat soak and lowering charged air temperatures.

The kit incorporates a bar and plate intercooler core, recognized for its superior heat dissipation characteristics and durability. The cast aluminum end tanks further facilitate efficient airflow, contributing to the overall cooling performance. The design eliminates the need for any trimming during installation, ensuring a seamless fit.

Constructed with a high-density intercooler core, the kit utilizes 4-ply silicon couplers for robust connections. The result is a reliable and technically sound solution that addresses thermal challenges, allowing your Golf R/GTI to operate within optimal temperature ranges for sustained performance.

The CTS Turbo FMIC Kit offers a pragmatic and technically refined approach to cooling enhancements, providing tangible benefits without unnecessary complexities. Install with confidence, knowing that this kit is engineered to deliver effective thermal management for your vehicle.


  • High Density bar and plate 450hp-capable intercooler core.
  • Smooth flowing cast end tanks
  • 4-ply silicon couplers and stainless steel clamps
  • No trimming to bumper or rebar
  • Pressure Tested intercooler core
  • Significant reductions in intake air temperature
  • Increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire powerband
  • Looks awesome!


  • 2011-2014 MK6 Golf GTI
  • 2012-2013 MK6 Golf R

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 16 × 17 in



Make Model Year Generation
Make Model Year Generation
VW GOLF R 2012 - 2013 MK6
VW GTI 2011 - 2014 MK6